Monday, 14 June 2010

"Genteel towns". Until they arrived.

The Express


"England's genteel rural towns and villages are facing a surge of Eastern European immigrants arriving in record numbers, new figures have revealed (ed. obvious picture of lots of men queuing accompanying the 'article')[...].

North Norfolk also saw a record 560 apply for NI last year, compared with 500 in 2008. The findings come after Ed Balls, the Labour leadership candidate, claimed last week that the issue of immigration had been “brushed under the carpet” by Gordon Brown".

Daily Mail

German doctors: deadly

"Second German doctor refuses to attend GMC death inquiry over 'worst ever op' after claiming he is a scapegoat"

A foreign surgeon accused of blunders that led to a grandmother's death is refusing to attend a disciplinary hearing in Britain. Dr Werner Kolb claims he is being made a scapegoat for the tragedy because he is German. The locum surgeon had been asked to give evidence to the General Medical Council today after a botched routine hip operation caused Ena Dickinson, 94, to lose nearly half the blood in her body.

Best of the Mail Online comments

- "So much for the EU. They can interfere in every aspect of our way of life. It can interfere in the deportation of our illegal immigrants and our justice system and many other things. But when it comes to a German doctors alleged incompetence and malpractice which allegedly contributed to a patients death it is powerless to do anything. Another example of the EU looking after Germany, France and Spain and cocking a snoot at Britain. How many more people are the government going to let these incompetent doctors kill. Give our own surgeons the money spent on these quacks". (sohud, hounslow)

- Why does the N.H.S. employ these clowns from Germany, have they learned nothing from past experience. We should be training and employing our own British doctors, questions should be asked about the money wasted on these incompetent foreign doctors. (T. Reid, Glasgow)

Monday, 31 May 2010

"Climate immigration"

The Express


"Dr Lovelock, 90, said that as the world population rises, ­climate change would trigger mass immigration north. And Britain would be seen as a “liferaft” on to which the dispossessed would scramble. The moderating effect of the surrounding seas may help us escape the worst effects of ­climate change, he said".

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Killer migrants

News of the World

'Killer migrants -- 40 per cent of murder charges go to foreigners'

"Up to 40 per cent of murder suspects in parts of Britain last year were immigrants, the News of the World can reveal. And a staggering one-in-three of those charged with RAPE in other regions of England and Wales also came from abroad. Those worrying statistics provided by police forces will fuel political debate about Britain's porous borders and the link to serious crime".

Friday, 28 May 2010

Insecurity, panic, deceit

After the election and other distractions, the tabloids get their priorities right again.

The Daily Mail

Migrants to swell Southern towns by 20% in 8 years
"Sir Andrew Green, of Migrationwatch, also pointed to growing numbers of migrants granted the right to remain in Britain permanently".

The Express

"Nobody ever told the proverbial man in the street that sharing a single currency was not just about making people’s lives easier when doing business or travelling abroad but also about being directly affected by economic developments in the neighbouring countries", is what [Herman Van Rompuy] actually said.

The Daily Star

"And he sparked outrage by ordering Muslims to ditch the St George Cross. He even condemned Muslims who support England as “deviant and hypocrites"...[except that no-one knew until the Daily Star decided to give this ejit some publicity...oh the irony...(ed)]

Monday, 3 May 2010

Seek and destroy

Letter to the Sunday Mercury (a West Midlands newspaper), May 2, 2010:

"[...] Three steps need to be taken to ensure England's safety.
England should take cede from the United Kingdom.
All now meaningless British passports should be withdrawn and foreign nationals deported unless they have a required skill.
A shot-to-kill policy should be introduced for extremists of all creeds and colour.
Let's take the war to them and end it".

(Signed by one Mr Crockett from Birmingham)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

"The foreigners, they all hate us"

Rod Liddle, The Spectator

Quoting the Daily Mail's infamous distortion ("Nazi slur") of an article written by Nick Clegg in 2002, this is what Rod Liddle wrote:

"This is interesting because it is precisely the views of almost all foreigners, except for maybe the Norwegians. Nick seemed to have formed these notions while serving as an MEP, open to the influence of those Europeans around him and to whom he was inclined to suck up, and maybe also the input from his Spanish missus (they really hate us) and his own Dutch ancestry. From Skagen to the Straits of Gibraltar we are disliked – largely, I always thought, because we were one of very few European countries to emerge from the second world war with any credit, and that this credit was resented. But for the leader of a party which wishes to devolve all of our powers to people whom we either liberated or defeated, these are entirely fitting views. He is in step with Brussels".

[note Liddle's own photo from about 76 years ago. C'mon, Rod, get on with it, we're all getting older!]

Monday, 19 April 2010


The Daily Mail

England branded least patriotic nation in Europe as citizens are too scared to fly the flag.
"Over-the-top political correctness, loss of national identity, and worrying about being judged when expressing pride in the country are the main reasons behind the findings, according to a study. Six per cent of Englishmen and women said they were 'scared' to fly the national flag and one in six fear they will be told to take it down".

[Six per cent. Oh my god. Shock. Horror. Storm. Teacup.]