Monday, 14 June 2010

"Genteel towns". Until they arrived.

The Express


"England's genteel rural towns and villages are facing a surge of Eastern European immigrants arriving in record numbers, new figures have revealed (ed. obvious picture of lots of men queuing accompanying the 'article')[...].

North Norfolk also saw a record 560 apply for NI last year, compared with 500 in 2008. The findings come after Ed Balls, the Labour leadership candidate, claimed last week that the issue of immigration had been “brushed under the carpet” by Gordon Brown".

Daily Mail

German doctors: deadly

"Second German doctor refuses to attend GMC death inquiry over 'worst ever op' after claiming he is a scapegoat"

A foreign surgeon accused of blunders that led to a grandmother's death is refusing to attend a disciplinary hearing in Britain. Dr Werner Kolb claims he is being made a scapegoat for the tragedy because he is German. The locum surgeon had been asked to give evidence to the General Medical Council today after a botched routine hip operation caused Ena Dickinson, 94, to lose nearly half the blood in her body.

Best of the Mail Online comments

- "So much for the EU. They can interfere in every aspect of our way of life. It can interfere in the deportation of our illegal immigrants and our justice system and many other things. But when it comes to a German doctors alleged incompetence and malpractice which allegedly contributed to a patients death it is powerless to do anything. Another example of the EU looking after Germany, France and Spain and cocking a snoot at Britain. How many more people are the government going to let these incompetent doctors kill. Give our own surgeons the money spent on these quacks". (sohud, hounslow)

- Why does the N.H.S. employ these clowns from Germany, have they learned nothing from past experience. We should be training and employing our own British doctors, questions should be asked about the money wasted on these incompetent foreign doctors. (T. Reid, Glasgow)

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